The simpressive system is a software, which configurates, manages, orders and monitores sevices, products and processes in need of explanation, e.g.  service contracts and planning processes.

From the point of view of simpressive GmbH & Co. KG, information security and data protection is not an unchangeable condition, but a process that is subject to constant change.

The information security management system (ISMS) of simpressive GmbH & Co. KG is the fundamental component for adequate IT security and is intended to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of all values ​​in the scope.

In order to achieve these goals in the long term, the ISMS must not be a rigid entity, but must be continuously developed and thus be seen as a living process.

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Information Security

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What our customers and experts think

Jan Niklas Caliebe Branch Manager
Jan Niklas Caliebe
Branch Manager
simpressive provides us with a complete solution that depicts processes simply, transparently and quickly. Finally, we have found a tool that manages to map the needs of our customers and ours. The simpressive system ensures that work is done within a previously defined process landscape. As a result, our work processes have accelerated and meet the requirements of agile working.
Noel Meyer Lead Consultant
Noel Meyer
Lead Consultant
A great team! Innovative, agile and the eye for processes! Effectiveness and efficiency are living standards here!
Dr. Björn Boßmann Head of Location Planning
Daimler Werk Bremen
Dr. Björn Boßmann
Head of Location Planning
Daimler Werk Bremen
The simpressive system allows us to create 100% digital and legally compliant contracts with our service partners, to control them and to document them comprehensibly. We are thus significantly more efficient than with all previously used solutions and continue to rely on intensive use of the software in the future.

Added values for decision makers and buyers

Same level of information
All departements work in the same system and have an identical level of information. No departement is outperformed, no departement is burdened more than others.
Cost Savings
Implementations prove: The use of our platform leads to significant efficiency improvements and cost savings of up to 60 percent.
Clear claims
Clartiy instead of confrontations: Claims are eliminated. This leads to less dispute in the project. There are no suprises at renegotiations.
Complete process chain
From sales to development to commissioning and the description of the goods receipt entry, all substeps are integrated: Manual descriptions are omitted and payment may be triggered upon acceptance.
Services described and priced
All services and changes are described and priced. Finally, no more changes in which decision makers and buyers can no more intervene.
Transparency in post project relfection. Our platform creates clarity and empowers employees to fulfill their actual tasks.
Connection to ERP
Our platform can directly be connected to your ERP: Enough with singular solutions. Simpressive is user friendly and smart in handling.
Actual requirements
Really knowing who in the company needs what, when, how and at what price. Finally, actual demands are used as a planning and decision-making basis.
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