This is us!

Our Vision

The increasing digitization of the industry and changed legal framework conditions gave the impulse for the forward-looking idea of ​​a fundamental redesign of the shopping. Purchasing 4.0 is still in its infancy but holds enormous potential for more efficient cooperation between customers and service providers.

With simpressive, we have developed a visionary software tool that revolutionizes purchasing. This has given companies the opportunity to digitally map the entire purchasing process and project implementation. All process information can thus be viewed at any time for all persons and units involved. The linking and cooperation of simpressive and already existing software is problem-free. This forms the basis for a simple, efficient and compliance-compliant allocation and implementation of external work packages. Say goodbye to manual process chains - act in real time!

simpressive is a product which for the first time enables companies to lead and execute projects in a fully digitized manner across all departments.

simpressive Team

Boris Meyerdierks Chief Executive Officer
Boris Meyerdierks
Chief Executive Officer
Working at simpressive is a pleasure for me. My goal has always been to create something where everyone can contribute their individual skills on their own responsibility and live up to their personal family context.
Mario Mosel Chief Technology Officer
Mario Mosel
Chief Technology Officer
simpressive is a very cool software and consulting company with a lot of innovative ideas! Working at simpressive means: shaping, living out creativity, enjoying freedom, accelerating, developing!
Marie-Annabelle Kogge Sales Manager
Marie-Annabelle Kogge
Sales Manager
I like to work at simpressive, because besides the professional work, the human and above all the fun is not neglected.
Ralf Manuel Morawe Junior Software Developer
Ralf Manuel Morawe
Junior Software Developer
As a software developer at simpressive, I deal with a variety of workspaces and I am always confronted with new challenges. Boredom does not come up here. The appreciation of the colleagues, open discussions and a lot of humor motivate on a daily basis!